sidewalk installation

in Ottawa County, Ohio

Count on Gerold Construction for Sidewalk Installation

When you need sidewalk installation in Ottawa County, Ohio, contact Gerold Construction. Whether it is a small residential project or a large commercial project, we can get it done. Our sidewalk contractor can design and install sidewalks to improve foot traffic around your property and boost curb appeal. You can trust us to install sidewalks that will hold up for years to come. Call us at (419) 625-4962 or contact us online to learn more.

Add Sidewalks to Your Property in Ottawa County, Ohio, and Beyond

You might have a sidewalk suffering from wear-and-tear damage. At Gerold Construction, we can install an attractive, durable sidewalk on your property in and around Ottawa County, Ohio. Our staff will work with homeowners, landlords, business owners, and managers to design the right sidewalk for the location. We are proud to offer our sidewalk installation services at an affordable price.

Learn the Benefits of Sidewalk Installation and Repair

Contact us if you need sidewalk installation or any other services. Our contractors have the tools, skills, and experience to provide quality service on residential and commercial properties. Gerold Construction offers exceptional value and unparalleled customer service. Having a decorative concrete sidewalk can boost your home’s curb appeal considerably.

Improve Your Exterior Property Accessibility with a New Sidewalk

If your sidewalk has cracked over time, it creates a hazard. This might require a complete replacement. Our professional contractors can install a new sidewalk for your home or business. In turn, you will improve your property’s exterior safety and accessibility. Cracked or sunken concrete worsens with each season, which can cause excessive damage. If you are in the market for a new sidewalk in the following locations, reach out to Gerold Construction today:

Erie County, Ohio

Sandusky, Ohio
Huron, Ohio
Vermillion, Ohio
Milan, Ohio

Huron County, Ohio

Norwalk, Ohio
New London, Ohio
Willard, Ohio

Sandusky County, Ohio

Fremont, Ohio
Clyde, Ohio
Gibsonburg, Ohio
Bellevue, Ohio

Ottawa County, Ohio

Port Clinton, Ohio
Oak Harbor, Ohio
Genoa, Ohio
Elmore, Ohio
Catawba, Ohio

Reach out to Gerold Construction for sidewalk installation in Ottawa County, Ohio.